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When Life Gives You Raspberries

Splintered. That is how my heart felt throughout much of the late spring/early summer days. Thrown to the ground, shards scattered, reflections distorted like a funhouse mirror. I tried to hold it all together and attempted to somehow mend the … Continue reading

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Shattered Ornaments and Broken Hearts

I wholeheartedly believe this truly is the most wonderful time of the year! Colorful strings of lights transform the ordinary home into a merry gingerbread house. Spicy smells and sweet treats tempt and delight. Personal stockings are hung and awaiting … Continue reading

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Reaching Out to Our Youth

My husband is the director of the GSAE (Greater Spokane Association of Evangelicals). Last Thursday he sponsored a panel discussion on youth and why they are leaving the church. It was eye opening. Convicting. Humbling. And full of truth, whether … Continue reading

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The Darkness of This Age

Oh my goodness, I have started into the book of Job in my daily reading, and what a timely study. It is always helpful to be reminded who our true enemy is. “Now there was a day when the sons … Continue reading

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The Guilty Blues

I have been down in the dumps the last several days. Feeling blue. Discouraged. Perhaps even a bit without hope. And yesterday I felt like I needed to apologize to a friend for that. For not having an “up” day. … Continue reading

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A Blue Christmas?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, the hap-happiest season of all! Then why isn’t everything good? Why is my heart heavy, my life a struggle? Ever ask yourself those questions? We have such high expectations for this time … Continue reading

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What Is Trickling Down?

Our youngest son came to me yesterday with a difficult question. He was writing a paper for one of his college courses and wanted to know more of my family history. Why? Because the topic of his paper was depression. … Continue reading

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