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He Is The One Who Goes Before You

You may not struggle with fear or worry. But I do. Not all of the time. But some of the time. And apparently it is a common problem for us humans. There are hundreds of verses in which the Bible … Continue reading

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For He Is Your Life

I finished up the book of Deuteronomy this morning. The last chapter tells of the death of Moses, and of his burial, by the LORD God Himself — wow. Here are the last few verses: “But since then there has … Continue reading

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Writing On a Clean Slate

The hustle and bustle of Christmas 2014 has officially passed. The memories and moments remain forever hidden within my heart — isn’t God good? 🙂 This morning I had nothing pressing to do. Nothing, wow. I have the day off … Continue reading

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Consider It In Your Heart

The book of Deuteronomy is a spoken journal of sorts, a summary of events and a review of the commands that God had given to the children of Israel. Moses knew he was not going to cross over the Jordan … Continue reading

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Redemption for a Broken World and a Leaky Roof

It is a soggy morning in Eastern Washington. The chickens don’t mind the drumming rain, but the dogs and cat are not pleased. I am a little disappointed because it looks like it will be our last “warm” day of … Continue reading

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Back at the Beginning

I am back at the beginning. Reading about the beginning of all beginnings. The beginning of history and Creation: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” ~ Genesis 1:1 The beginning of man: “Then God said, ‘Let … Continue reading

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Love Each Other and Leave the Judging to God

“You love them; I’ll judge them.” Isn’t that a good summary of James 4:11-12? Our pastor is teaching through the book of James on Sunday mornings. It has been challenging and convicting, to say the least. Joyfulness amidst trials, being … Continue reading

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