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Heaping Grace and Love on the Walking Wounded

Easter. A time to reflect on the extravagant grace and mercy heaped upon us by God through the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, our passover Lamb. A time to celebrate new life– in Christ and in our gardens. A time … Continue reading

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Easter Weekend Contemplation

Ever have a Saturday morning when you sit down with your largish cup of coffee and are immediately overwhelmed by the tasks awaiting you? Every weekend, you say? I suppose if I were truthful, I would have to agree that … Continue reading

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H O P E !

It is a breathtaking blue sky sunny day here, yet there is just a slight hitch in my heart. I decided to look up some verses on HOPE ~ who doesn’t need some hope? “Why are you in despair, O … Continue reading

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Jesus Paid It All

Teleō. A Greek word meaning “to accomplish, to fulfill, to finish, to pay”. All four Gospels tell us that Jesus cried out before He died, but only John records these final words. ” ‘It is finished!’ And He bowed His … Continue reading

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Come and See, Then Go and Tell!

If the story of the cross ended at the tomb, we would have no hope. Sure, our sins were paid for, but the One who took our death penalty upon Himself was crucified. Now what? Thankfully, when Jesus died for … Continue reading

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A Very Good Friday Indeed

Today is Good Friday, and indeed it is very good! Why? Because through Jesus’ death upon the cross, the penalty for our sins is paid. He took the punishment for our crimes, bore the sins of the entire world, and … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Coming!

When I am walking through a valley in my life, I sometimes lose sight of the hope I have and feel such despair and hopelessness. This world is so unfair and can be a really horrible place. It is easy to … Continue reading

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