World Water Day


Water. We take it for granted in our country. Seldom do we have troubles with impure water, and when we do, they are quickly remedied. We do not draw water from a muddy river or a pond where the livestock go to drink and bathe. Our fresh, clean, plentiful water comes out of the tap with a simple twist of a lever, freely accessible to all. But what if?

What if we lived in another part of the world, a part where these statistics are real and harsh and a daily reality?

~ 1 in 9 people worldwide have NO access to clean water.

~ Illnesses caused by unclean water kill more people each year than violence and war. 3.4 million people die each year from them. That is nearly the population of Los Angeles.

~ 1.5 million kiddos under the age of 5 die each year from illnesses related to dirty water. Diarrhea is the 2nd leading cause of death for this age group.

~ Women spend 200 million hours a day collecting water for their families. They regularly walk long distances, and even then the water source is often tainted.

(statistics from GFA)

So what can we do to help? I am going to highlight three organizations that I support, trust, and appreciate.

First of all, check out Gospel For Asia. For only $30 you can purchase a BioSand Filter that will provide 98% pure water for a family. Or, if God has blessed you with much, how about sponsoring a Jesus Well for $1000 and providing clean water for an entire community?

Next, take a look at Compassion International. For $79, a Water of Life safe water system can be provided to a family, giving them access to clean, filtered water for a lifetime.

And finally, head over to Childcare Worldwide. They install rainwater catchment systems for $2000, and you are given the opportunity to give as you are able: $35 for 5 children, $70 for 10, etc. (They also have mosquito nets, food packs for families, and many other wonderful ways to help.)

Oh, but I must share one last thing with you. It is a short video entitled “Poem by Victor”, in which this delightful little kiddo recites the joys of having clean water at his school. Please take the minute to watch it. Victor will make you smile!

As always, my heart’s passion is child sponsorship. All of the above ministries have long lists of kiddos waiting for sponsors. The links are also found on the sidebar of my blog’s home page. Why not change the life of a child today?

Happy World Water Day!

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