While I Am Waiting

In Job 27- 31, we read Job’s last recorded words. This passage is beautiful and well-written ~ I highly recommend you read it for yourself! Job pronounced his innocence one last time, spoke again of what he knew of God, relived his life- past and present, and begged for God to vindicate him.

He adamantly proclaimed his rightness before God. “‘Till I die, I will not put away my integrity from me. I hold fast my righteousness and will not let it go. My heart does not reproach any of my days.'” ~ Job 27:5b-6

Job spoke of true wisdom, which is from God Himself. “‘God understands its way; and He knows its place. For He looks to the ends of the earth, and sees everything under the heavens. When He imparted weight to the wind, and meted out the waters by measure, when He set a limit for the rain, and a course for the thunderbolt, then He saw it and declared it; He established it and also searched it out. And to man He said, “Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding”.'” ~ Job 28:23-28

Job also reminisced about his “good old days”, “‘As I was in the prime of my days, when the friendship of God was over my tent; when the Almighty was yet with me, and my children were around me;'” ~ Job 23:4-5. God was welcome in his home! May God be welcome always in my home!

And then he spoke of his current troubles, his sufferings and pain, and his disgrace and mistreatment. “‘And now I have become their taunt, I have even become a byword to them. They abhor me and stand aloof from me, and they do not refrain from spitting at my face.'” ~ Job 30:9-10

How alone Job must have felt! His children had been killed, his wife had left him; his life of comfort and wealth and honor was no longer. And he felt abandoned by God as well.

“‘I cry out to Thee for help, but Thou dost not answer me; I stand up, and Thou dost turn Thy attention against me.'” ~ Job 30:20

“‘Oh that I had one to hear me! Behold, here is my signature; Let the Almighty answer me!'” ~ Job 31:35a

If you are feeling like Job, don’t despair! God does answer, in His time and in His way. He will never turn His attention away from you, if you are His child. We may sometimes feel alone, and it is SO difficult when He remains silent! Yet we must choose to trust and have faith. And wait.

As Elihu, a younger man from the crowd who had listened in on the debates between Job and his friends and finally could stay silent no longer, said in Job 33:12-13 ~ ”’Behold, let me tell you, you are not right in this, for God is greater than man. Why do you complain against Him, that He does not give an account of all His doings?'”

Let me tell you, friend, if we believe that God is God, then why do we expect Him to be accountable to us, mere men? Sometimes we aren’t meant to understand. Sometimes we are simply meant to trust and obey. And endure. And wait, with hope!

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2 Responses to While I Am Waiting

  1. The hardest part of anything I’ve gone through is being falsely accused or the victim of gossip. However, if I’d never gone through that I never would have reached a point where I didn’t look for approval from others in the midst of hardship. I still sometimes get insecure enough to want that approval, but mostly I rest in God and rely on him to be my defender.

    Thank you for another wonderful post!

    • I struggle with those same feelings and desires, wanting the approval of others, and constantly reminding myself that the only One I need to please is God ~ which is such a relief!

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