Helping Them Read!

If you can read this, be thankful you are literate! Many people are not so fortunate.

Most of you know that our family is passionate about helping children, whether it is by packing a shoebox for Samaritan’s Purse’s Operation Christmas Child, or by sponsoring a kiddo in another country through Gospel For Asia, Childcare Worldwide, Compassion International, or another sound organization.

But let’s say that child sponsorship is just not your “thing”, your personal passion. Clean water? Nope, not it. Missionaries? Nada. How about education? Hmm, maybe THAT is your “thing”…

What would you do if you could not read? I don’t mean if you didn’t have any books or newspapers or magazines lying around, but if you honestly did not have the ability to read?

Illiteracy. It is a huge problem, particularly in Asia.


How would you shop for your family? Hold onto a job? Follow a new recipe? Work in an office? Know the directions for your child’s medication? Get a loan for your business or home? Find out the latest news? Discover that someone was trying to cheat you? Read a goodnight story to your little ones? Learn more about Jesus?

Here is your opportunity to get involved and help the women of Asia learn to read. There are several options available through Gospel For Asia. Click here to read about how Gospel For Asia is fighting illiteracy and to donate money. Or, you could start your own campaign to raise money, and awareness, for literacy programs in Asia. Find out more by clicking here.


Remember to pray for the people of Asia. Be thankful you are literate. And read an extra goodnight story to your kiddos today. šŸ™‚

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