Pennies For Heaven

There has been talk of doing away with those little coppery coins we call pennies. The magic of a found penny fades as we grow from childhood and they start cluttering up our pockets. Sales clerks shudder when you pull out a handful at the store, you can’t put them in parking meters, and the waitress does not appreciate them as a tip. What good can they do? Well, how about some eternal good?

For about one hundred of those pesky little pennies, you can buy two hundred life-changing gospel tracts for Gospel For Asia’s native missionaries. These hard-working, self-sacrificing-even-unto-death missionaries use those gospel tracts to help them spread the good news of Jesus throughout their villages and towns. Through that small slip of paper, a connection is made, and an opportunity to meet and share Jesus in person is created.

Here are just a few examples of how God is using these inexpensive, simple tracts to change and save lives throughout Asia:

One tract can change a life!

One piece of paper

Please take the time to check out the links above, and pray about how God would have you use your pennies.

And remember to pray for Gospel For Asia, for their native missionaries, and for the lost and unreached of Asia. They are willing to go and tell it on the mountain. Are we willing to support them, in prayer, pennies, and praise? 🙂

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