A Valentine of Hope for the Women of India

When you think of India, what do you think of? I think of the adorable adopted son of one of my best friends. πŸ™‚ Curried foods also come to mind, as do the Taj Mahal, Mumbai… and the fact that the country is heavily populated and largely poor.

As a woman in America, I am incredibly blessed with freedoms, rights and opportunities. I feel fairly secure and of value, especially in the eyes of my husband, and in my Creator. But what does a woman in India face? Well, let’s see…

She may never even make it out of the womb.

“The most extreme expression of the preference for sons is female infanticide and sex-selective abortion.

“A study of amniocentesis in a Bombay hospital found that 96 percent of female fetuses were aborted, compared with only a small percentage of male fetuses.

“Government officials event suspect that the disproportionate abortion of female fetuses may be a major underlying cause of the recent decline in the nation’s sex ratio. In 1971 there were 930 females for every 1,000 males. A decade later this figure had increased to 934, but by 1991, instead of continuing to rise, the ratio dropped to 927, lower than the 1971 figure. This sex ratio is one of the lowest in the world.

“Sonalda Desai reports that there are posters in Bombay advertising sex-determination tests that read, ‘It is better to pay 500 Rs. now than 50,000 Rs. (in dowry) later.'”

(The above passage was taken from The Hunger Project.)

Speaking of dowry, if the dowry demands are not met satisfactorily, it is acceptable to dowse the woman in kerosene and set her on fire. Horrific, isn’t it? Check out the above link for more information.

Kidnapping, forced sex trafficking, rape, malnourishment, harsh labor conditions, early teen marriages and childbirth, little opportunity for education, and shame for widows are more of the realities that women, especially the poor, in India face.

Please pray that this may change, and for comfort and protection for the Indian women.

The “Valentine”? Many women in India are reaching out to their fellow countrywomen with hope and the knowledge that they do indeed have infinite value and worth and are loved.

Please check out the Gospel For Asia page for more information, and perhaps God will move your heart to consider financially supporting a woman missionary. πŸ™‚

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One Response to A Valentine of Hope for the Women of India

  1. Dr Khurana says:

    It is estimated that about 50 million girls have gone missing. They are aborted based on their sex. India has passed laws 18 years ago making it illegal for a medical practitioner to reveal the sex of an unborn baby. This law is rarely implemented because most of the government officials and judiciary are apathetic to this epidemic. This has caused the sex ratios to be extremely skewed in certain parts of India.

    Please read the following articles and the story of one lone woman, Dr Mitu Khurana, who has bought a case against the hospital, her husband and in- laws, who illegally found out the sex of her unborn twin baby girls and then tried to force her to have an abortion. She has been given the run around for four long years by the Indian judicial system.



    Can anyone give a voice to the 50 million girls that have been silenced forever? All Dr. Khurana is asking for is a chance to go before an unbiased judge and be heard. Can we give a voice to the 50 million murdered and raise the question with Indian officials as to why they are silently witnessing the elimination of a whole generation. The silence of the Indian officials tell the story and makes us wonder if Dr. Khurana and the 50 million dead baby girls will ever see justice done.

    Please give those 50 million girls silenced forever, a voice. Please forward this to as many friends as possible.


    After you sign the petition, there will be a request from the site for a donation. This donation is totally discretionary and does not in any way or form affect or benefit Dr Mitu Khurana. All she is asking for is your support (signing this petition) so that pressure can be put on the Indian authorities that the whole world is watching them in total disbelief as they make a young mother run around in vain for four years in search of justice.

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