I Shall Carry You

Have you ever noticed when life is clicking merrily along, that it is clicking merrily along, and perhaps it is time for another disaster to hit? I may be the only one, but when things have gone smoothly for awhile, I start to wonder if something is coming. I don’t worry. I just wonder and watch.

It has been a relatively calm, quiet and mild January around here. So when the storm hit, I figured that we were due. After all, the west side had been hammered with snow- crazy! And Corvallis is experiencing severe flooding- horrible. It was our time for a good snow storm.

Anthony’s day began around 4:30 when he started plowing the 4 inches of snow we had received the night before. I crawled out of bed around 5:00 to make a pot of coffee and some baked oatmeal for him. Then I stole another hour or so of sleep, for the sake of those who have to live with me. The snow came down steadily, all day long, and I watched the news and weather to see if I should even try to head into town for a special dinner Anthony was attending at the Davenport that evening. We decided it would be best if he stayed in town and attended his dinner, and I stayed home. No salmon for me. Sigh.

After a gourmet meal of leftover turkey on bread, I drove Em to her 4H meeting at a nearby friend’s house, knowing full well that any sane parent who lived farther away than we did would not be bringing their child that night. We avoided the ditches, which is harder than it sounds when plows have not cleared your country road yet, and I headed back home.

Upon reaching said home, I noticed with discouragement that it had snowed another inch in the past half hour, covering what parts of the driveway I had managed to uncover earlier. I shoveled some more, knowing that my poor tired up-since-o-dark-thirty husband would appreciate any help he could get.

I started feeling sorry for myself. Yep, a poor me Facebook post, and my pity party was under way. I fully realized my silliness, because really, it was fairly minor in the big scheme of things. I was settling in with my kitty and my iPad on our comfy couch, when the lights flickered. Hmm. I should probably turn off the printer, computer, etc… Never mind, nature did that for me. I was now home alone, in the dark, with a very surprised kitty. Thankfully, I like candles and knew right where the lighter was.

Now, we have all seen or experienced the “don’t cry or I’ll give you something to cry about!” parenting line, poor though it is. My mind immediately went to that. Here I was, whiny about shoveling and snow and missing a party… And suddenly I had something valid to worry about. No furnace, no lights, no water, no heater in the well house, no hot water to thaw the chickens’ water…no coffee!

But God is not like that. He doesn’t sit around waiting to send something bad our way. He chooses to allow hard things to happen sometimes, for a reason. He doesn’t “punish” us when we whine. And when consequences or trials come our way, He is right with us, ready to give us help. We just need to remember to accept His help. He won’t push it upon us, but He freely gives it when we ask.

There are so many verses that apply. Here are just a few:

“casting all your anxiety upon Him, because He cares for you.” ~ 1 Peter 5:7

“‘Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.'” ~ Matthew 11:28

“‘Even to your old age, I shall be the same, and even to your graying years I shall bear you! I have done it, and I shall carry you; and I shall bear you, and I shall deliver you.'” ~ Isaiah 46:4

I especially love that last one. Though it is a promise to Israel, I know that it applies to us as well, and it shows God’s tender love, caring for His people.

Anthony and Joe both made it safely home, though Joe’s drive was not uneventful, and we finished up the plowing and shoveling- it is a good thing that snow glimmers because it was really DARK- and fell into bed around 11:30. A fire was roaring in the stove, we were all safe, God would take care of us, whatever may come.

The power came on about 4:00, we slept soundly until the power company called us three times to verify that, yes, our power had been restored, and then another day begins.

I am a whiny human, but God is on the throne, and He will carry me. Hallelujah! 🙂

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