Reading the Bible as a Book

Our family has been blessed with some amazing pastors committed to teaching the Bible as it is written, the Word of God. And we have been taught to read it as a book, cover to cover. When you get to the end (Revelation), you start again at the beginning (Genesis). It all fits together so beautifully, and it really is one big story about God’s love for us- creation, our disobedience and the fall, and God’s plan to redeem us and bring us back into relationship with Him.

There are many Christ-types in the Old Testament, examples of how Jesus will come and save us. Then the New Testament shows us how He did come to save us through His life here on earth, His sacrificial death on the cross, and then His resurrection, victory over death. The grace, mercy, forgiveness, love and life eternal offered to us freely, as well as how to walk with Him, is also found in the New Testament.

I’m  starting the book of 2 Peter right now, so I assume God will show me what I should share from my daily readings. This will keep me humble, as you will see how slowly I make it through! I sometimes stop and really study a section, and then other times I read a couple of chapters at once. And then… I am admitting there are days I don’t even sit down and open my Bible. If nothing else, perhaps this will cause me to make it a more daily habit!

When I don’t read it, I regret it. When I spend the time reading it, I have never, ever regretted spending that time.

You will also notice that I am simply a fallen, sinful person, saved by God’s grace, mercy and love. Any good to be found in me is from my heavenly Father- He alone deserves all glory and praise!

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